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August Burns RedDeath Below

SharpTone Records
24th March, 2023
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August Burns Red are a group that many thought would never change their sound.

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Why would they? From the moment they came out of the gates in 2003, the American based metalcore outfit differentiated themselves as one of the few modern day metal groups bringing their own sound to the genre.

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Now 20 years on, the ABR formula seems deeply embedded in the group’s sound, with almost every release seen over the past decade leaning heavily into the soundscapes established on their 2009 breakthrough, Constellations. And no one has ever minded. At this point, if the group continued to release an album each year that was just a slight remake of Constellations, fans wouldn’t just be content, they’d be fucking stoked. So why change it up now? Because the world has been a pretty damn dark place as of late and ABR wanted to unpack that on their newest effort Death BelowMotivated by the uncertainty, fear and outrage people have faced over the past few years, Death Below debuts a more chaotic side for the Grammy nominated outfit. A MUCH more chaotic side. 

Death Below doesn’t just showcase minor amendments to August Burns Red’s sound, it highlights a complete shakeup for the long lasting metalcore pioneers.

It doesn’t just up the ante on breakdown’s or strip back some of the polished clean vocal choruses that the group have become known for, it dives head on into the wider realm of heaviness. Dark Divide merges elements of djent, thrash and post-hardcore; Tightrope maintains a high-octane tempo that takes influence from 80’s thrash metal pioneers, whilst The Cleansing, which could have also been called ‘Burzum Burns Red’, drips in sinister black metal qualities, showcasing the biggest departure from the group’s previously iconic metalcore sound. Death Below doesn’t just showcase minor amendments to August Burns Red’s sound, it highlights a complete shakeup for the long lasting metalcore pioneers. It’s brazen, ambitious and reinvigorating, as any band’s 10th album should be.  

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dark Divide, The Cleansing, Fools Gold In The Bear Trap
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