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25th August, 2023
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The last few years have seen Asking Alexandria lean into some pretty unusual territories.

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2017’s self-titled release ushered in a departure from the bands metalcore roots to deliver  an alternative rock changeup, Like A House On Fire (2020), saw the English rockers dabbling with melodic, arena ready pop-rock numbers, while it’s follow up, See What’s On The Inside, derived its sound from acoustic balladry and slower, long form songs that saw vocalist Danny Worsnop crooning alongside Ben Bruce and Cameron Liddell’s stripped back guitar work. It’s been a whirlwind of a journey for Asking Alexandria fans, and while some have loved the group’s constant changeups, many others have been outspoken in their hopes that the band would return to their original sound. 

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Which is why album number eight, Where Do We Go From Here?, will strike a chord with many. It doesn’t stick to any one style, instead, it dabbles into all areas of the bands back-catalog to deliver an eclectic mixture of textures that all eras of fans will enjoy. Opener Bad Blood, melds symphonic elements alongside dark-wave pop and blast-beats, immediately giving the fans of the group’s new-found arena rock stylings something to latch onto. Things Could Be Different revamps Stand Up and Scream-era digital programming alongside its powerful breakdowns and Nine Inch Nail-esque industrial rock choruses.

Where Do We Go From Here? is a healthy dose of arena-rock spectacle mixed in with a triumphant return to the group’s original metalcore roots.

While Dark Void and Kill It With Fire will both strike a chord with early Myspace era loyalists, with their bludgeoning opening gutturals, fast tempo riffs and sinister breakdowns channelling elements of forgotten favourites such as A Candlelit Dinner With Inamorta and If You Can’t Ride Two Horses at Once… Sure, they’re all styles that the Asking Alexandria have tried their hand at before, but this time around it’s refreshingly fit together in its own concise formula. Where Do We Go From Here? is a healthy dose of arena-rock spectacle mixed in with a triumphant return to the group’s original metalcore roots. Undoubtedly it’ll appease the group’s longtime fanbase while also luring some of the listeners who may have dropped off after the group’s first two releases back in.


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