amends hysteria
amends hysteria

Amends So Far From Home

Resist Records
19 July, 2019
Pandora's Box

Sydney’s alt-rockers Amends are rising to the forefront of their scene with the first album of theirs through Resist Records.

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So Far From Home is a record that’ll be “wakin’ up my demons,” as well as the Pandora’s box of any broken heart that just couldn’t be ignored.

Opening the first track with an inducing guitar riff that strums into the piano keys of OK. Well I Love You, the tone is set for an undeniably heartfelt record as vocalist Luke McDonald dives headfirst into … well, love.

Bringing it up a notch with wispy guitar licks and pitter-patter drum rolls, I Only Feel Alone Around Other People brings light to an internal struggle and the “silver lining that fades away”.

As they execute a grungey number during Hells Bells, Amends muse an early Silverchair tone to this song that is fuelled by cowbell (more cowbell!) and intermittent rhythm section breakdowns between dirty guitar licks and drawling lyrics which are suppressed by riding the crash cymbal on the way out.

… many of this album’s listeners might also be in their twenties and hopefully hear the tone of persevering in where they’re at in life.

With momentum lifting through the middle of the album, tracks such as Nothing Worth Liking and I’m a Sinner boast crisp guitar amplification that weaves through a litany of faster-paced drum patterns and lyrics sung with an endurance of hope.

Good Morning Missouri welcomes, amongst harmonica layers, a driving guitar solo that delivers us to a captivating chorus with an ode of having “another drink”, as McDonald proclaims that his “sins should’ve been washed away”.

Closing with the promise that Everything Is Going To Be Alright, we’re strummed into the their “Western Sydney blues”, that accompanies an audacious ballad to close the lid of Pandora’s box.

While this is undoubtedly a talented compilation, one might recommend that it should not be listened to when the heart is in two as the triumphant wails of lyrical hope might sound suppressed underneath the weight of existentialism; though, low and behold, many of this album’s listeners might also be in their twenties and hopefully hear the tone of persevering in where they’re at in life.

STANDOUT TRACKS: I Feel Alone Around Other People, Nothing Worth Liking, Good Morning Missouri
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