zebrahead hysteria
zebrahead hysteria

ZebraheadBrain Invaders

MZFB Records
8th March, 2019
Compelling and Intriguing

Zebrahead have been supplying the world with hard punk tunes for over 23 years now. In new release Brain Invaders, the band keeps creating memorable genre-bending art and putting in impressive live shows. This album, their eleventh, was produced by the band and Paul Miner with mixing by Kyle Black.

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On Brain Invaders, there are hidden gems throughout the record, as the band takes the listener on a thrilling journey, punctuated with some bedroom pyjama dancing. If some of these tracks don’t become Zebrahead anthems in the future, then something’s gone wrong.

Zebrahead has an ageless sound and one that satisfies the world over.

The perfect single would be We’re Not Alright, sharing a message with My Chemical Romance’s I’m Not Okay, which is sometimes a necessity for people to hear. This song is the perfect omen for the next single on the album. Their intense, violent, and All-American sound is evident in standout track All Die Young. It’s an attention-grabbing sing along, adding to an otherwise fun and boppy album. The second half is truly the hero of the record, becoming more dancable and exciting.

Leading with eerie guitar riffs, a party undercurrent emerges in Take a Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself). If you didn’t figure it out, this one is sassed up to the nines. It goes to show that Zebrahead has an ageless sound and one that satisfies the world over.

STANDOUT TRACKS: All Die Young, Up In Smoke, Take A Deep Breath (And Go Fuck Yourself)
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