WoesSelf Help

4 May, 2018
Emotional outlet

UK pop punk has had somewhat of a resurgence in recent years, in massive part due to the success of its second wave revival led by Welsh boys, Neck DeepThe Scottish contribution to this ever growing scene is Woes, who are sticking to the staple sounds of this revival with their latest release, Self Help.

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In many ways the band display the same energy here as they did on their self titled EP. What sets Self Help apart though is its lyrical depth. Using the record as an emotional outlet, front man David “DJ” Jess avoids lyrical cliches about having his local pizza parlour on speed dial and instead reflects on love, life and his personal growth, unleashing a bucketload of feels in the process.

Musically, this is backed by melodic vocals falling on the gruffer end of the spectrum and ultra bouncy riffs. By maintaining this classic pop punk flavour throughout the five tracks, the band have managed to produce an infectious and well produced EP that kicks the energy up to eleven and chugs alongs like a well oiled machine.

Sonically, Woes haven’t done much to reinvent the pop punk wheel with Self Help. Instead, what they have done is create a solid little release, that is sure to set live crowds punk jumping and singing till their lungs collapse, whether it be in a small club or an arena setting.

With their latest release Woes have proven that if bands like Neck Deep are the kings of the UK pop punk scene, they are the princes who are more the capable of ascending the throne with a bit of time.

STANDOUT TRACKS: High on You, Losing Time, HLB2
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