violet stones hysteria

The Violet StonesIntensify

10 March, 2019
violet stones hysteria
Grungey Goodness

There’s no need to adjust your speakers. We didn’t warp back to Seattle in the mid-’90s, The Violet Stones have just done a damn good job of making us think we have with their face-melting new single Intensify.  

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Despite forming back in late 2016, the track is the debut studio effort for the band, who have spent the better part of the last three years gigging all around the nation. And it’s clear from the opening chords of Intensify, that the Sydneysiders have had seminal icons Nirvana and Incubus on heavy rotation on their ‘on the road’ playlist. Flying the flag for contemporary grunge rock, the four-piece have loaded the track with grit, aggression and funky as fuck riffs. It’s the vocals of frontwoman Sarah Jane Curran that really bring this soundscape to life though. Equal parts melodic and vitriolic, Curran brings that extra bit of punch to the track and it hits like a kick straight to the teeth.

Intensify scratches that retro itch, yet remains its own unique beast by throwing some modern vibes in the ring.

On their debut single, The Violet Stones have skipped the baby steps stage and have stomped straight onto the scene, making a massive mark in the process. Despite only forming in high school four years ago, the band have dropped a defiantly mature work, leaving us questioning how they’re not already seasoned veterans.

Intensify scratches that retro itch, yet remains its own unique beast by throwing some modern vibes in the ring. With a debut single this good, you know their next release is going to be killer—give us more, please!

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