UNDEROATH // It’s A Brand New Album Announcement!

We’ve waited and waited, we’ve heard whispers and rumours, but now, after nearly a decade, Underoath have announced the release of their sixth studio album, Erase Me, due to make dreams a reality in April.

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The confirmation of one of the most speculated reunions in rock comes with the release of Underoath’s first new song since 2010. On My Teeth is an exploration of self-discovery if ever there was one, with the band’s drummer/vocalist Aaron Gillespie saying, “We’ve had success and we’ve come through a lot of waters.

“All of us are finally in that place in our lives where the only thing we care about is inclusion for everybody—for the world. For me, exclusion is the scariest thing in the world. And I think Underoath coming back now with a new record—which none of us thought was possible—we want people to know that this is your music and you can feel however the fuck you want about it. I just want to prove that we are doing everything in the most honest way we ever have. This is the healthiest we’ve ever been as a group of people, as musicians, and in our worldview.”

Gillespie’s words touch upon the strong narrative in the 11-track album, talking of the dire circumstances leading to the band’s demise, the ability to finally be true themselves and each other, and interestingly, individual member’s disenchantment with organised religion.

Erase Me is out on 6 April through Fearless Records.

Pre-orders are available from midnight tonight with digital orders inclusive of an instant download of new single On My Teeth.

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