TRASH BOAT // To Release New Album On July 20

Trash Boat have given details for their upcoming album, Crown Shyness, and dropped their first single off the record, Shade.

This new record looks at personal struggles with both internal and external strife, and a blend of emotions that go with it. This all comes together through a propulsive mix of melodic hardcore and punk, heard throughout the album.

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Veteran producer Andrew Wade, who has worked with A Day to Remember and Neck Deep is the lead producer on the album. Crown Shyness is described as a naturally occurring phenomenon in some trees, where the top branches will in a forest canopy avoid touching one another, which creates a clear border between trees.

This sums up the album magnificently, as this album does not shut the darkness out, it invites it in, lets it cut through the canopy, so to speak.

By understanding the only way to get to the light is to push through life, the metaphor of Croen shyness fits perfectly. Tobi Duncan, lead vocalist of Trash Boat, speaks about what writing means to him. “Throughout my life, I’ve always found music as something that challenges me.” Tobi explains. “Sometimes you hear a song that hits you so hard, it feels like exactly what you needed to hear at that moment.” Tobi said. “The spark could change your day and challenge you.”

The song is also available to stream through spotify and Apple Music.

Crown Shyness will be available July 20, and is available for pre-order here.

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