Tax The HeatChange Your Position

Nuclear Blast
March 9, 2018
Retro buzz that’s genuine

Busting in with a gentlemanly saunter, Bristol four-piece Tax The Heat make quite the statement with their second album, Change Your Position. Packed with attitude and class, it’s the fresh injection of rock ‘n’ roll the scene has sorely needed.

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Change your position, indeed, these boys are certainly making their presence known. The raw and retro vocals soar, scratch and scathe, nestled among the bouncing boom of relentless guitars and the rumbling drums. It’s a distorted sound that just makes sense and Tax The Heat somehow manage to be sexy, soulful, edgy and game-changing all at once as the album sashay’s from track to track.

Alright, I’m just going to say it–Change Your Position will leave you with that satisfied state of disorientation you experience after an orgasm, it’s just that good! Tax The Heat have a retro buzz that’s genuine without faking it.

You’ll make an odd cacophony of associations when you hear this one, but ultimately Tax The Heat are a deep, guttural breath of rock ‘n’ roll air, pure, clean, refreshing and much needed. TL;DR buy this album. Buy it now!

STANDOUT TRACKS: All That Medicine, Money In The Bank, The Last Time, Taking The Hit
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