Slow TalkNew Vernacular

27 April, 2018
Emotional rollercoaster

As with most firsts in life, a band’s first offering to the world of music is usually met with uncertainty, a rough around the edges quality and more than a few nervous jitters. Alternative rock duo Slow Talk have well and truly bucked this trend with their debut EP New Vernacular.

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While the Melbournians are relative newcomers to the scene, they have been writing in tandem since 2014, and this has undoubtedly allowed vocalist James Butler and guitarist Ash Fuller to create a sound that is both mature beyond their years and remarkably consistent across the board.

From the first notes of the record opener Disclaimer, the pair set out on an emotional rollercoaster, playing with both melodic riffs and raw, cathartic vocals. This juxtaposition creates a richly layered full band sound, surprisingly achieved by the duo alone.

New Vernacular is a true gem, beautifully crafted both lyrically and sonically.

Slow Talk continues this expressive soundscape with the following track Golden, which throws high pitched vocals and Spanish inspired chords into the mix. The EP thrives on the balance of both Butler and Fuller’s musical abilities; and the beautiful atmosphere that is created as a result of this cohesion is maintained in the three tracks that follow.

Despite wearing their appreciation for bands like Circa Survive, The National, Gang of Youths and Turnover on their sleeves throughout the entirety of the EP, Slow Talk maintain a solid stance of individuality by throwing their personal experiences of grief and transformation into their lyrical content.

New Vernacular is a true gem, beautifully crafted both lyrically and sonically. It is a solid mission statement for Slow Talk’s future as a musical pairing. With emotion, passion and melody; the release is the total package.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Golden, For What It’s Worth, Late Bloomer
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