Sink The ShipPersevere

Sharptone Records
27 April, 2018
Massive kudos

Emerging strong, capable and clearly very determined after a questionable time in their careers, easycore artists Sink The Ship will reign triumphant with their new album, Persevere.

The Cleveland collective takes angst, anger and bitter despair and evolve into a celebration of betterment and overcoming adversity through a combined force of metalcore and pop-punk.

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Where most bands might employ two vocalists, a harsh and a clean, frontman Colton Ulery does an impressive job of taking on both himself. He blows up his voice to snarl and scream through easycore segments, before gently cradling melodies with a bright pop-punk version of himself. It’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde but combined with the animalistic drum runs from Zac Fox and the dynamic duo of guitar and bass from Brandon Knerem and Zakk Godare the vicious narratives and duelling characters really works.

Massive kudos to Sink The Ship for an impeccable metamorphosis through music, Persevere is one to remember.

There’s relatable appeal at every turn–opener Second Chances bares all, definitely a firm signature song for Sink The Ship with its raucous rage and bright sound. Nail Biter, desperate and furious clearly comes from a personal place, while Put Up Or Shut Up draws you in all sickly sweet before grabbing you by the throat and proving to be the album’s heaviest, most melodically ambitious track.

Massive kudos to Sink The Ship for an impeccable metamorphosis through music, Persevere is one to remember.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Second Chances, Put Up Or Shut Up, Strike First
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