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RoseburgMoving Away!

5 January, 2019
Bouncing Riffs

It’s rare an unsigned band should put out a double side single that is not only A) impeccably produced and of mainstream quality but is also, B) an immersive and breathtaking experience that leaves you hanging, expectant, and desperate for more.

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And on both counts, that’s just what Oregon surf-rockers Roseburg have done with their latest release, Moving Away! Only two tracks long, it’s enough to force you back into their relatively short but productive discography, and draw out hopes for their future, too.

Roseburg paint themes as natural as their talent.

Roseburg paint themes as natural as their talent. Through bouncing riffs and repeated phrases in Wave, a clean, clear sensation of total joy washes right over you just as the waves of the ocean would do. Premonition follows suit, a bright surf-grunge bop complete with a bustling bassline to keep things moving, Roseburg creating an interactive experience on a subliminal level.

There’s a depth that’s not immediately obvious with Roseburg, a darkness, a mystery that bright beats and pensive lyrics only force you deeper into their fold. Moving Away! is more than just a single, it’s a prediction. Roseburg have predicted this brand of punk is what will shape music in the next decade, and this review predicts Roseburg will be the pioneers of the genre, leading the scene into a brand new adventure in sound.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Wave, Premonition
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