Riot VArmor Of Light

Nuclear Blast
27 April, 2018
Metal greats

Metal pioneers Riot are back to proclaim their umpteenth coming. Though they’ve had multiple lineup changes since their formation in the early 80s, now as Riot V, this reincarnation pays homage to the classic stylings of the pioneering New Yorkers.

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With the best double-kick drumming, grandiose tunes and uncompromising bass licks, Armor Of Light is phenomenal metal and truly biblical.

It all began with 1988’s classic album Thundersteel when Riot cemented the gallops and grinds required for the genre. In Armor Of Light, Todd Michael Hall’s powerful voice, coupled with twin guitar harmonies and a relentless bass section, provided by Don Van Stavern and Frank Gilchriest, strikes up memories of what metal was about–but this isn’t just Riot V as they once were. This is the best they’ve ever been.

Armor Of Light is phenomenal metal and truly biblical.

It’s a classic sound that’s not only going to appeal because it mirrors the Riot of way back when, but it’ll appeal to traditional metalheads everywhere as it’s a link to metal greats like Saxon, Judas Priest and Blue Oyster Cult, in sound and style. The album’s title track, fiery, fierce and true, Heart Of A Lion, demonstrative of an impeccable skill set in well-honed musicians, provide the violence and passion needed that is particular only to metal and to Riot V.

If you want an education in heavy metal and an injection of moderately paced classicism, Riot V have here an enviable energy and fresh sources of inspiration that even thirty years into a stellar career, theses relentless warriors are still managing to surprise, to impress and to rock!

STANDOUT TRACKS: Victory, Angel’s Thunder Devil’s Reign, Heart Of A Lion
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon


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