PVRIS // Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Pvris are coming back to Australia.

“Yes! We’re doing it, we’re going!” shouts vocalist Lynn Gunn. Only about a year since their last appearance, this will be their first headline tour. “It’ll be so great to get back out there!” Ask Gunn about what they have planned for Aussie fans however, and she hits a brick wall of giggles. “I don’t know! Pretty much the same set we’ve been playing everywhere else on this run. We’ve pretty much been non-stop this past year.”

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The Boston electro-rock trio have been touring their latest album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell since even before its release last August. “Yeah, we haven’t stopped since last April or May I think,” Gunn says, stretching her mind to remember. “We toured with 30 Seconds To Mars and Muse before the record came out. We didn’t really have any break time, we just got straight into it.”

Pvris have been on the scene for four years, catapulting to the top with success, recognition, sensational tunes, and constant touring – but fame does take a toll. “In the first few years of touring non-stop it really messed with my head,” says Gunn. “It was difficult for me to be on tour, it was difficult for me to be at home, it was hard to find the middle ground and find the sweet spot.

“This past year, I feel like there was a lot of stuff to work through on this record cycle – mentally, emotionally, energetically, vocally – pretty much everything this whole record cycle touring-wise was pretty… it was definitely a rollercoaster but it just made me extremely grateful and appreciate the fact we get to travel.

“I was leaning on everybody else to sing for me and it was a really beautiful connection to realise and fully embrace the fans.”

“As weird and as difficult as it was it really flipped everything on its head and made me really love touring, but also really appreciate being home. It was a weird contest going on beforehand, but now I’m very appreciative of both things and really live to find the little things, the little moments.”

It sounds almost like Gunn found herself a little strained, agreeing that all the pressure and movement took its toll on the singer and how she felt about performing. “Totally. Physically and vocally it definitely took a toll,” she says bluntly. “This past year I’ve pretty much had to relearn while turning, which is quite terrifying – going up on stage every night and trying to navigate something that’s completely new and not necessarily muscle memory.”

Like with most things, there was only one real solution for Gunn – power through it. “I’m pretty spiritual,” she says, “I like to think of everything as a lesson, so anything [you might] label as a negative experience, I always try and look for the growth in that, the lesson in that, and that’s exactly what happened with everything going on in this record.

“I took a step back and looked at what it was teaching me and what it was making me appreciate. I really stuck my head down and went ‘Alright, what is this?’ and in the end it was a really positive experience and you have to really sit and pick things apart.”

For Pvris, their fans have kept them going through passions and success; for Gunn, the fans have kept her going in every extent. “I remember there was one show in Cologne, it was really difficult getting up on stage every night. One night was particularly hard and I had a moment. I said, ‘I can’t do this.’ Our tech was talking to me, he said, ‘Turn around, turn around, your fans have got you, they’re gonna sing for you.’ I turned around, visibly crying, and everybody in the front row has this look of ‘Oh shit,’ and they [the audience] just did all the work for me and really had my back.

“I’d always been aware of that support and energy from them but I had never needed to actually lean on it, and depend on it. I was leaning on everybody else to sing for me and it was a really beautiful connection to realise and fully embrace the fans.”

PVRIS Australian Tour Dates:

Wed 13 June // The Gov // Adelaide
Fri 15 June // The Metro Theatre // Sydney
Sat 16 June // The Triffid // Brisbane
Sun 17 June // 170 Russell // Melbourne

Tickets available here.

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