If you can’t quite wait until next Friday to hear The Elk Collective’s new EP, don’t fret because the boys have dropped their new film clip Chokkas today to satisfy your post-hardcore needs.

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The film clip, which the boys swear is “based on actual events” details the story of a pizza delivery guy getting more than he expected on his delivery. In-between the unravelling of the pizza-guy storyline, you get to see some pretty great shots of the guys performing the EP’s second single.

Big Trouble, the debut EP from The Elk Collective will be released on Friday 16 March via Spotify, iTunes, Bandcamp and other digital outlets, so mark your calendars.

The Elk Collective is made up of vocalists Matt and Dwayne, bassist–Lex, a whole lot of banter, and Jay on the drums. With a simple goal of making hardcore fun and safe for everyone, the Sydneysiders are ready to take over the post-hardcore scene one banger at a time.

While the pair consider themselves to be mediocre vocalists, the band have nailed the classic sing/scream combo with Dwayne’s clean choruses perfectly complimenting the heavy vocals that Matt blesses us with. What the vocalists claim to be lacking in actual vocal talent, they sure do make up for with bad jokes and a standout drummer.

Determined to be a fun, fresh take on a genre that can often be quite stale and overly serious, The Elk Collective are ready to make hardcore fun again.

Big Trouble is out Friday March 16, and is available for pre-order on iTunes

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