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THE PLOT IN YOU // Grave Pleasures

The Plot In You have finally released their brand new record, Dispose, after spending 12 months creating this pure gold medal masterpiece.

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Teasing us by dropping two killer singles, Feel Nothing and Not Just Breathing over the last few months, fans have been eagerly awaiting the album’s release on the 16th of February.

Dispose is the band’s fourth full-length album, and their first since signing to Fearless Records back in June last year.

With one of the singles off the album, Feel Nothing, already exceeding three million plays on Spotify, it’s pretty obvious that this album is going to be a huge hit for the Ohio trio.

The Plot In You originally wrote a whopping 20 possible tracks for this release, however, only ten of them made it to the finished record, which means you can rest assured that every song on this album is a masterpiece.

“We just wanted it to be the absolute best product we could put out, so there are songs that … There was so many songs that we kept like switching in and out of the record, you know B sides and stuff like that.” vocalist Landon Tewers says.

“It’s like putting your journal up on the internet for anyone to read. It’s super personal but it’s something I’ve just kind of gotten used to over the years and it’s just part of the job, at least for our band.”

It’s easy seeing why the record spent an entire year in production. They tried a few different producers before deciding to stay with their original producer, Drew Fulk (Crown The Empire, Motionless In White and We Came As Romans.)

A lot of time and effort went into crafting each song on Dispose, experimenting with different song structures, producers, and mixers. Clearly the “tonnes and tonnes of different process to try to get it the best that it could be” has paid of for Landon and the rest of the band.

“Overall like it sucked having to wait that long but I think it was definitely, it was worth everything that we went through for sure,” Landon explains the lengthy process of developing and producing the record.

While previous records focussed on experiences from the vocalist’s younger years, as well as fictional scenarios, Dispose unveils personal struggles in Landon’s life.

“It’s like putting your journal up on the internet for anyone to read. It’s super personal but it’s something I’ve just kind of gotten used to over the years and it’s just part of the job, at least for our band.” Landon discusses his feelings of vulnerability when hearing how his personal stories have helped fans

Although Dispose saw release last week, the album has received a positive response from fans who are really digging the new “sing along” sound.

Dispose has a “totally different vibe” than the band’s previous releases, “its not the kind of stuff that makes kids want to punch each other,” the vocalist says.

The band sound like they’re having as much fun playing the new tracks on Dispose as fans are listening to it.  “It’s cool, I really enjoy playing these songs a lot more. I like singing a lot more than something that’s been more of challenge you know,” Landon says.

The Plot In You kick off their US tour supporting We Came As Romans next week, where fans can get their first live taste of the new album.

“I’m really excited to start playing some more of the new stuff. We’ll probably play at least half the record on the next few tours coming up,” Landon says.

Australian fans will get to hear Dispose for the first time live in April when The Plot In You tour the country supporting Aussie metalcore legends, Polaris.

“We’re going to be playing like a lot of newer stuff, and we’re putting together some cool production ideas right now,” Landon says, “we’re going to try to play like as long as a set as we possibly can.”

This is the first time the trio have visited Australia since their headline tour in 2013, so The Plot In You are sure to put on a great show on the fast selling The Mortal Coil tour.

With three shows already sold out on the seven date tour, it’s worth grabbing a ticket as soon as possible if you’re wanting to catch The Plot In You while they’re in the country.

Dispose is out now via Fearless Records and is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and various other music retailers.

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