OverkillLive In Overhausen

Nuclear Blast
18 May, 2018
Blistering live album

Straight-up thrash metal is renowned for the sheer energy and vitality of its live performance. American thrash megalith Overkill has been bedrock of the genre for nearly forty years.

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To commemorate not only thirty years since the debut release Feel The Fire, but also twenty-five years since the release of Horrorscope, this vanguard of thrash metal will release a blistering live album this May, Live In Overhausen.

Overkill has never let up the pace, or watered down passion for thrash metal.

Filming took place at Turbinenhalle 2 in Overhausen, Germany, in April 2016, the first place the band toured, as Bobby Blitz reminded the crowd in the final track, Overkill’s defiant anthem !!!Fuck You!!!. This huge double set treated fans to a complete run-through of 1991’s Horrorscope, followed by 1985’s Feel The Fire in entirety. The live cut indeed captures the spirit of this intense concert, including some cool Blitz crowd chatter. Live In Overhausen is, however, greater than simply a nostalgic recreation of the mid-80s/early 90s thrash experience. Overkill is a band that is genuinely still living it, still killing it on stage.

This is sure to become a classic addition to the canon of thrash metal film and live DVD. Since their formation in 1980, Overkill has never let up the pace, or watered down passion for thrash metal. Available as double CD, DVD/Blu-Ray or vinyl, as well as in coveted limited editions, Live In Overhausen is essential to Overkill fans. For that matter, essential to anyone with a taste for thrash, an interest in its history, or an appetite for the wild buzz of live metal.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Horrorscope, Feel The Fire, !!!Fuck You!!!
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