NEWS: THE SMITH STREET BAND // Announce The Line-Up For Their Inaugural ‘Pool House Party’ Festival

We’ve been hyped since our local heroes The Smith Street Band dropped the news that they’re very own ‘Pool House Party’ festival was in the works, unveiling info about it last year. Now our excitement can kick into gear as they’ve revealed their first lineup announcement. It’s really happening.

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There’s plenty to love here! We’d give a take on all but we’ll name a few highlights:

WAAX are one of Australia’s best bands on the scene, with a well-executed mix of anthemic rock and underground punk to guarantee a wild audience reaction.

Ceres bring the emo-tinged pop-punk that we’re craving here from Australian bands.

Jess Locke is one of our most underrated and closely cherished singer-songwriters in the country, with her charmingly down-to-earth bedroom tunes winning us completely over.

Antonia and the Lazy Susans are at the bottom of this lineup, but will be at the top of some bills very soon because what they bring to the scene is something so unique with such a strong sense of personality, fusing balladry with emo/pop-punk songwriting, they are as sing-along catchy as they are emotionally potent.

The event will be held on March 17 at the Coburg Veldodrome. We greatly encourage you not to miss this glorious showcase of rising aussie indie-rock/punk. This is the new wave, and they’re laying the foundation for it here.

Tickets available here.

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