NEWS: BEHIND CRIMSON EYES Drop New Single And They’re Giving Part Of The Proceeds To Charity

Behind Crimson Eyes began life as a Melbourne act toying with an emo sound. They didn’t stick around for long. With 2005’s Pavour Nocturnus EP Behind Crimson Eyes quickly graduated to a formidable and heavier sound.

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And It’s here they’ve stayed. Despite serval periods of hiatus, the group have maintained a consistent presence live. They delivered debut album A Revelation in Despair in 2006 and a self-titled follow-up in ‘09.

Behind Crimson Eyes broke an eight-year recording silence last year with November single Stardust and at the outset of 2018 comes Say Bad Things. Blared out with all intensity, this latest single continues a sceptical and theological bent. It arrives laced with devotional sentiment. It’s a cavernous number even working some spacier post-rock atmospherics into their post-hardcore meets heavy punk foundation.

Anthemic choruses bleed into lyrics of twisted salvation as vocalist Josh Stuart colours his words with bitterness and unfiltered rage. While a shout-along chorus erupts as a confident plea for solidarity in face of the unknown, there’s a pervading uncertainty roiling beneath the surface. Guitarist Aaron Schultz’s fretwork comes delivered with blistering aggression, nailed to the floor by a kinetic rhythm.

Frontman Stuart seems to be having a hard time dividing his excitement between the new single from Behind Crimson Eyes’ upcoming performance at Victoria’s annual UNIFY Gathering. “As a band, we couldn’t be prouder of this new music—we feel like it’s important to discuss these topics and we are stoked to have featured prominent, important minds and voices as forewords to these tracks” he shares in the accompanying press release.

As with their previous single, Behind Crimson Eyes will also be donating 25% of the royalties earnt from the new track to charities supporting the victims and survivors of abuse.

Say Bad Things will be available for purchase and streaming this Friday.

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