Michael Schenker Fest Resurrection

Nuclear Blast
2 March, 2018
Enjoyable audio treat

From the ashes he rises, a new man with a new musical project–guitar virtuoso Michael Schenker could not have a more aptly titled new release in Resurrection, bringing forth a sweet marriage of metal and hard rock in a gluttonous array–and he’s brought along some great vocalists for the ride, friends for the ride, most notably Gary Barden, Graham Bonnet and Robin McAule.

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Pounding on the door opener Heart And Soul lays down the foundations for some stellar power metal. The guitar solos are performed by both Schenker and Metallica’s Kirk Hammet, whose guest performance on the track compliments that of his idol, Schenker. Though Shenker’s name is in the header this is very much a band effort. Coming together in Warrior, the first to feature all four vocalists, this collaboration creates an interesting texture and powerful surge of melody, one that will both impress and get those horns in the air.

Resurrection is a striking medley that thrusts forward each guest musician just as they’re meant to be heard when they hit the spotlight–but it also brings together some stellar talent in a fine feast of musicianship. There’s an excellent finish to the production of this album that means, if you’re familiar with the works of Schenker’s buddies, you can pick out each unique style of performance. Otherwise the appearances of members of Schenker’s past endeavours simply make for an enjoyable audio treat and catapults the album to being one of the best of his catalogue.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Heart And Soul, Take Me To The Church, Messing Around
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