Marcus WynwoodKillerbites (EP)

8th December, 2023
marcus wynwood
Incredible range

Ex-Captives guitarist and a man born with a singer-songwriter’s name, Marcus Wynwood is the definition of an old soul.

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Just like John Cougar Mellencamp‘s little ditty ’bout Jack and Diane or Paul Kelly‘s Joe wondering who’s going to make the gravy, both transcend time and place, floating you on a breeze into their own sepia-toned world ruled by wry smiles caught through lace-curtained windows.

Not that Marcus ever approaches maudlin classic rock fit for oldies stations, no. Plucking a fierce acoustic in Neutral Milk Hotel inspired Left on Read updates heartbreak for the 21st century, infusing unmistakeable Aussie singer-songwriter pathos with baroque-pop grooves, glittering with layers upon layers of bright vocals and uncanny harmonies. Writing songs and rending your heart to millions can be a tough ask. But it can also be a bit of fun. That joy is channeled into bluesy guitar heroism on a laid back Don’t Give Up, perfect for last call at your favourite sticky dive bar.

Set free from his Captives, he has crafted something remarkable in Killerbites.

An off-kilter The Strokes meets Aussie pub rock thumps into earshot on Simulation, keeping listeners on their toes – as well as hooked as for what comes next. Could it be jangly acoustic teenage-angst pouring out such as on Another Coffee? Sure thing, boss. On the other hand, it’s pure Acca Dacca worship on semi-demi-murder ballad Lies, tiring out the bottom strings for some down and dirty accusations directed at only God knows who – and they better be sorry, too. Never Change opens like an acoustic ballad but ends up beating Dave Grohl at his own power-chord belting, arena-pleasing game by the end, with crisp and clear guitars grabbing hold courtesy of expansive self-production and mastering by Sam Sprouli (Getaway Plan, Bodyjar).

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Marcus is a big fan of the old school, mixing in sprawling AOR riffs among sparse garage rock and room-filling vocals by way of the Beatles and the Kinks. What’s remarkable is his own unique stamp on it all, revealing a freshness you’d be hard pressed to find in modern rock-oriented singer-songwriters. He could play Falls Festival one night and a Day on the Green the next with wine aunts and sullen sideburn-faded rockers agreeing that this is really something. I mean, shit, the sentiment behind Left on Read is everyone – man or woman, teenager or forty-something – can instantly relate to. Set free from his Captives, he has crafted something remarkable in Killerbites.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Left on Read, Don’t Give Up, Lies
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Frank Turner (sort of), City and Colour (in a way), Paul Kelly (spiritually, I suppose)

Killerbites is out now.

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