OCEAN GROVE Odd World Order

Is Odd World. Is Good. The complete and unabridged weird tale behind Australia’s strangest and most compelling … rock band? Metal band? Punk band? We might not know how to peg Ocean Grove, but we do know they’re damn good. We have the story behind the DIY breakout of the decade, The Rhapsody Tapes. 

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Inside This Issue


Choose Life. Choose Odd World. Choose Ocean Grove.

What do we love about a natural Ocean Grove? Pretty much everything. Covering the genesis and apotheosis of their incredible, unclassifiable The Rhapsody Tapes, we’re let into their insane little Odd World for a poke around. What you’ll find is funny, crazy and inspiring.


Dune Rats are a Turbo Loaded Vice Machine

… who all still live with their mums. Shooting dice, huffing weed and downing shoeys by the Nike-load, we followed the #1 rockers on the hectic Laneway trail and lived to tell about it.


Emmure Grows … Up?

Frankie Palmieri, metalcore’s eminent douchebag, heeds the internet’s advice and takes a long, hard look at himself in the mirror. The result? Find out in our revealing interview.


Imminence: The Children of the Sun Return

The Swedish metalcore racket re-enters the fray with a genre-bending effort that’s sure to intrigue, and alienate, many. Just who are they waving This Is Goodbye to?


Trophy Eyes Light on Pop-Punk Platters

We take John Floriani and Callum Cramp of ’core scene darlings Trophy Eyes, delivered from a Chemical Miracle unto a world of wax. What they pull from the shelves will surprise many a fan indeed …


Suicide Silence and That Album

Suicide Silence’ new self-titled album. So what happened there, then? We had to know, and got the inside scoop into one of metaldom’s most bizarre recordings.


Battle Beast is Hungover

But for a good cause. Alcohol—the true Bringer of Pain! We have a (gentle) sit down with the metal queen herself, Noora Louhimo.


Overkill Doesn’t Know the Meaning of the Word

Vocalist Bobby Blitz has been thrashing so long he couldn’t do anything else if he tried. Especially Twitter. He’s Twatted a few times, apparently …