Ronnie Radke returns: “One thing that I’m blessed with is that I can say anything. I’ll say anything; I don’t care.” Given the opportunity on new album Coming Home, he’s more thoughtful and deliberate than ever before. Are Ronnie’s bad boy days behind him? Find out in our cover story with Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse only in Hysteria Mag #52.

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Ronnie Radke: Earth Below Him, Drifting, Falling In Reverse

Ronnie Radke—one of rock ‘n’ roll’s greatest living stars. Love him or hate him (there’s few that fall in the middle) he’s the poster child for bad boy behaviour and on tour excess. Penned by the man himself, both he and Falling in Reverse is Coming Home. Not exactly faith, family, and church, but to a hellion like Ronnie, settling down might prove fatal. Has it? Find out in our revealing #CoverStars interview with the man himself, as he Reigns in the Crazy …

Aussie Shoeys vs. Detroit Metal City: The I Prevail Story

“We were playing our first show and someone threw a shoe up on stage. I grabbed it and threw it back like ‘okay cool dude’. But then I got hit in the head with another one in between songs and I’m like ‘what the hell?!’ Everyone starts yelling ‘drink drink drink’ so then someone filled me in on stage. I’ve done two shoeys in the last couple of nights and I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty disgusting. But I love it!”

Soup Dumpling Boogaloo, Killswitch Engage Styles

Jesse Leach and Adam Dutkiewicz are KsE bros 4 lyfe. 15 years deep in a Alive or Just Breathing world, they open up about the next generation of metal’s stars (surprises ahoy!), almost dying on stage and of course, Big Poppa Trump. “He’s a fucking reality television show. That’s what America wanted. That’s what America got.”

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Mesmer is escaping the node and entering the Heartmachine. Just like Bowie’s Berlin days, vocalist Marcus Bridge and his world travels led him to embrace the human element buried beneath our electronic existence, culminating in the surprise album of 2017, Mesmer.

The Hard Road on Smith Street

Punk rock is all about catharsis. Vocalist and guitarist Wil Wagner lays his soul bare on new record More Scared of You Than You Are of Me, a product yielded after two years of mental turmoil. So much so, it was killing him to stay alive.

Lining Up on The Maine Trip

Ten years older, Arizona’s premium alternative rock outfit The Maine are running better than factory fresh. As they approach Australia again, we find out what it takes to operate on their higher level.

While She Sleeps: No Sleep Til’ Article 50

The Clash saw London Burning; The Sex Pistols said England was dreaming. Now England is at another political crossroads as Brexit looms—what is England to do now? Sheffield’s While She Sleeps have taken it on themselves to capture a seething, angry fervour among da yoof. Is Britain heading toward “No Future” … again?

PLUS: We talk to British death metal royals Memoriam, doomsters Pallbearer, purgatory bingers Deez Nuts and The Charm The Fury. All free, all day long in Hysteria #52.