introspect hysteria
Introspect hysteria

IntrøspectAd Astra

18th October, 2019

Ad Astra is the debut EP from Sydney band Intrøspect. This project has been a long time in the making, but now the band are finally ready to unleash their brand of prog metal into the world.

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With plenty of different elements, Ad Astra is sure to catapult Intrøspect firmly into the Australian prog spotlight.

Kicking off the EP is Behold, an instrumental number that opens calmly with haunting piano notes that are slowly joined by the drums, guitars and bass as it quietly builds intensity and crashes into a crescendo of heavier, technical riffs and prog metal. This is a nice introduction to Intrøspect, giving the listener a glimpse into what’s ahead.

Ad Astra is sure to catapult Intrøspect firmly into the Australian prog spotlight.

Ad Astra, the first single off the EP and not named for the movie at all (we checked) continues the technical prog ride but also brings vocalist Felicity Jayne into the mix with her melodious voice. This track is quite easy to get lost in as it takes you on a journey through the stars, visiting themes of visiting the unknown, and the hard path you have to travel to get to the end. Which indeed, is the theme throughout the EP – Intrøspect like to write about the challenges one faces, and the hard decisions you must make with no guarantee of the outcome being in your favour. It works well for them though, as the tracks are uplifting in a way that gives confidence that you can indeed, reach for the stars no matter what. 

The EP continues though and as the listener moves into Sovereign, Intrøspect get a little heavier and a little faster. This track is a standout of the five, showing off the skills of the band in its complexity with its prog elements mixed with some heavier groove. Then, as the listener is presented with the final two tracks, Earthrise and Nyx, you experience yet another side of Intrøspect with seemingly, some folk metal influences in the vocals on Earthrise before the final track brings you back down to earth, fusing prog metal with ambient, post-rock melodies. 

For a first release, Intrøspect have done extremely well and if you’re a prog metal fan, the Sydney-siders could be your next favourite Aussie band as they produce tight tunes with outstanding technical ability. They are definitely one to check out. 

STANDOUT TRACKS: Behold, Ad Astra, Sovereign
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