THE HYST LIST // 2018 Christmas Gift Guide

Old St. Nick’s visit is only a couple of weeks away. So with Christmas fast approaching, the pressure to pick a great gift for the people in your life is on—but we’re here to help! Here is a bunch of gift ideas to make your Christmas season shopping as stress-free as possible, with every budget in mind.

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Pennywise // 30 Year Stubby Cooler

Celebrate the big 3 and O with Pennywise with this commemorative stubby cooler.
Artist First >

Vintage Music & Concert Posters

Relive the glory days (yeah you probably weren’t born but like, whatever man just grab ’em) with vintage posters of your favourite childhood artists.
All Posters >

Babymetal // Pop! Vinyl Figures

Not nearly as kawaii as Babymetal themselves, but a good Chrissy gift nonetheless. Be quick as these will fly off the shelves after their first EVER Australian appearance at Good Things Festival.
Moametal, Yuimetal, Su-Metal Pop! Vinyl >

I Love Weed Playing Cards

Hello stoners, been looking for some mid-sesh fun? Even if you forget what’s going on halfway, it’ll be a hella good 20 minutes.
Sanity >

Stepson // Panther Tee

Intricate t-shirt art, designed by hand by Steppy’s vocalist Brock Alan Conroy. Is there anything these boys can’t do? It’s not a new record but we hear one of those is coming shortly …
Stepson >

Pagan // New Cross Enamel Pin

Out with the old and in with the new. Pin it on your jacket while you pound a bottle of red and make Nikki proud.
24 Hundred >

The Bennies // Grinder

The Bennies putting an end to hand chopped … oregano.
Artist First >

Girls Rock! // Merch

Give a little more this year and purchase some Girls Rock! merch to help fund a truly inspiring program!
Girls Rock! >

Marduk // ‘Viktoria’ Official Tee

Exclusive to Nuclear Blast, don’t miss out on Marduk’s official Viktoria t-shirt.
Nuclear Blast >

AC/DC // Shot Glass Set

Take a shot with Aussie music icon’s AC/DC without leaving your house … or actually meeting AC/DC.
Nuclear Blast >

Pinups: Past and Present Book

Hold onto your hairpins, this one is for all our pin-up ladies out there. Plus if you’re looking for tattoo inspo, this is the place to go.
Amazon >

Frenzal Rhomb // Hi-Vis Stubby Holder

Does it get more Aussie than this? Get one’a these up ya!
Artist First >

Parkway Drive // Christmas Ball

Make it a metalcore Christmas with the ARIA award winners Christmas ornaments! Wishing … Bells? Also available in Thy Art Is Murder, Heaven Shall Burn, Stick To Your Guns and Impericon.
Impericon >

Sunny Life Travel 4 in 1 Games Set

Forget beer pong, take this on your summer camping trips! Great for teaching your siblings the great tradition of “Okay I lost the pieces but don’t tell Mum or I swear I’ll end you.”
Universal Store >

Architects // Holy Hell 12″ Vinyl

If we’re comparing this record to anyone else on the planet, then no one’s coming close. Our Deputy Ed has listened to it four times a day for the past week and shows no signs of slowin’.
24 Hundred >

Behemoth // Unholy Trinity Skull Candle

Grandma will LOVE the new centrepiece on the Christmas table this year. Blackened death is what it’s all about right?
Nuclear Blast >

The Drinking Game From Hell: A True Norwegian Black Metal Drinking Game

You have been challenged! Valhalla or bust we say.
Nuclear Blast >

Night Of The Living Shred // Tickets

Brisbane’s newest music festival NIGHT OF THE LIVING SHRED will be blowing out your earholes on 9th February 2019.
Hysteria Mag / The Brightside >

Jimmy Barnes // Working Class Boy Book

Everyone’s favourite Aussie dad has written the perfect book for your favourite Aussie dad. The circle of life really.
Sanity >

Pendant & Earring Gift Sets by Jubly-Umph

Treat someone to these super cute Pendant & Earring sets, all homemade by an amazing Aussie lady.
Jubly-Umph >

Slash // Living The Dream Vinyl

Live the goddamn dream! Pound the tunes before catching him on tour in Australia this Summer!
Slash >

Alpha Wolf // Mono Limited Edition 12” Black LP

Big fan of Alpha Wolf, BIG FAN of this Limited Edition 12″ LP. Last chance, ‘on them early’ bandwagon is almost full!
Alpha Wolf >

Slayer Hysteria

Midnight Oil // Armistice Day—Live At The Domain Sydney DVD

Beds could burn if you don’t get the old folks what they want.
Sanity >

Jimi Hendrix // Electric Ladyland—50th Anniversary Limited Deluxe Vinyl Edition

Yes, it’s been 50 years. Your Dad who still air guitars like he’s on his first acid trip in the 60’s will love it because it’ll DEFINITELY remind him of that exact memory.
The Vinyl Factory >

Converge // Jane Doe Woven Blanket

Snuggle into this awesome Converge woven throw blanket with your partner and you won’t be labelled a Homewrecker.
Kings Road Merch >

Void Of Vision // Misery Loves Company Longsleeve T-shirt

Misery Loves Company and We Love VoV.
24 Hundred >

Dickies Chain Wallet

If you partner is notorious for ‘misplacing’ their wallet, this is the perfect gift and ideal for the skaters too.
Universal Store >

NOFX // White Trash Tee

Killer tee for the old skool punk in the family. It could be granddad, don’t check his privilege you poser he was there.

24 Hundred >

Personalised Record, Mixtape Doormat

Well seeing as no one really makes mixtapes for each other anymore, this is a pretty good close second. Plus if you break up you can have a good symbolic stomp on the way out.
Uncommon Goods >

Iron Maiden // The Number Of The Beast Collector’s Box

If you’re an Iron Maiden fan, you NEED this in your collection. Better than Bruce flying you around like Santa on his sleigh.
Nuclear Blast >

Hellions // Bubblegum Skatedeck

Don’t Rue the day you didn’t buy this killer deck. Mwah xo.
24 Hundred >

Dropkick Murphy’s // 2018 Holiday Sweater

Grab a pint, grab a sweater and have a Dropkick Murphy’s kind of Christmas. If you’re really brave, grab it quick before Good Things and swelter. That’s real hardcore.
Artist First >

Inflatable Ibis Pool Toy

Ride the bin chicken!
Unclereco >

Gerard Way + DC // Batman and The Joker

How many Ways can a Way do things Way better? Many.
DC Comics Batman >
DC Comics The Joker >

Compact Retro-Style Vinyl Record Player

Old school meets new technology, experience your vinyls like never before!
Sanity >

Trophy Eyes // The American Dream Bundle #07

Heart eyes for Trophy Eyes, we can’t get enough of those guys!
24 Hundred >

Pick Punch Kit

A must-have for any guitarist that keeps losing picks in their acoustic. It’s okay, we hear it adds character to the tone.
Pick Punch >

Personalised Sound Wave Print

Switch up your senses and turn audible words into visible art. For enemies and friends alike.
Hard To Find >

Motörhead // Böx of Magic—Limited Edition Boxset

Vinyls, CDs and pop-up art sleeves, these immense aural Motörstatements come in a deluxe package complete with a 64 cm x 64 cm poster!
Nuclear Blast >

Vans Festival Collection

Festive up your feet for Christmas gathos with the latest Vans collection, in seasonal colourways and with satin brocade.
Vans >

Unify Gathering // Tickets

It’ll be well worth the wait, Unify Gathering 2019 tickets are on sale now. Wear the Trophy Eyes merch you bought a few scrolls up. See, we know what you like.
Unify >

Download Festival // Tickets

Be there to witness the end of an era. These will be the last Australian shows EVER for Ozzy Osbourne and Slayer. You don’t want to miss that, lest your kids turn to you in 20 years and say “oh my GOD you could’ve GONE?!”
Download Festival >

Disclaimer: We can’t promise that all of these will arrive in time for Christmas Day but some of them are just so good that surely whoever you’re buying for won’t mind waiting a bit longer. Buy at your own risk and happy holidays!

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