HONEST CROOKS // Suffer Across Australia Tour Survival Guide

So, one of Australia’s heaviest bands to date in Honest Crooks are hitting the road in a little over two weeks’ time as part of their Suffer Across Australia Tour with special guests Apate, Cast Down and Underminer. But what does that entail for us, the pit loving, two stepping, gig goers.

If you’re unsure of what to expect look no further than here! Your one stop survival guide to not only enjoying the show but most of all, making it out alive.There are several types of gig goers, from the timid and the shy to the tough guys up the back with their arms crossed and the beloved and adored supportive partners, but this one isn’t for you, sorry.

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Alright here goes:

First and most importantly, stay hydrated for the night ahead. We know just how many of you enjoy a beer with the boys or girls, but nothing will keep you hydrated like a couple glasses of water. How else are you supposed to hit the pit and have your voice sounding nice and crisp for those tasty mic grabs?


Secondly you’ve really gotta try and look the part. We’ll start from the top and work our way down. So, the hair, it’s basically be bald or be Beyoncé, there is no in-between. We want to see skin or a full head of luscious locks and that’s that.


Next up we’ve got the Tees, the yellow THC shirt released by the Honest Crooks boys will no doubt be a fan favorite, but you don’t want to be wearing the same shirt as everyone else. Personally, I wouldn’t mind witnessing a sea of yellow but in saying that you might want to mix things up. Bring out an old Honest Crooks shirt and get the one up on your peers as you’ve clearly known them for longer than they have or whip out your hardcore tee you spent $50 US shipping on to stand out from the crowd. (Support the support acts though, they are all travelling, they all need your help, and will no doubt have some threads ready for the taking).


For leg wear, Camo, Camo and more Camo! As Jack Black once said, “You’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore”. This rule applies here, though you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans I guess we can let that slide. If you’re up for a couple more hardcore points tuck in that shirt but that’s just a bonus.


Your shoe game must be strong, if the pair of Nike’s or Adidas on your feet and their price tag couldn’t feed you for the next month then you just aren’t doing it right.


You’re hydrated, you look the part, now you’ve gotta get your moves down pat. I suggest you clear some room, chuck on a couple sets from the infamous This is Hardcore festival held in the states and then observe and mimic. Now your two step and pit game will be second to none, you can confidently move your way across the venue and not have to worry about looking like a normie in the pit.


Make sure you’ve purchased your pre-sale ticket also, it’s cheaper, the bands and venues can calculate numbers and the bands can rest easy knowing just how many people are likely to turn up. Don’t be that ‘I’ll just cop it at the door’ kind of guy then turn around and complain when you miss out or when bands stop rolling through your town as it’s too big a risk.


Lastly, have fun! We want to see nothing but smiles and laughs out there. Now go on kid, We have given you the tools to take over your local scene. Grab your pre-sale and let the rest take care of itself.

Catch Honest Crooks with Apate, Cast Down & Underminer at the below dates.

Saturday March 24, Amplifier Bar, Perth WA (18+) *
Friday April 6, The Reverence, Melbourne VIC (18+)
Saturday April 7, Enigma Bar, Adelaide SA (18+)
Wednesday April 11, Hamilton Station, Newcastle NSW (18+)
Thursday April 12, ECP Studios, Central Coast NSW (AA)
Friday April 13, The Basement, Canberra ACT (18+)
Sunday April 15, Factory Floor, Sydney NSW (18+)
Monday April 16, Rad Bar, Wollongong (Lic/AA)
Saturday April 21, The Brightside, Brisbane QLD (18+)

*Honest Crooks only

Tickets available here.

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