HARD NOISE: ZEOLITE // Hysteria Radio Takeover

One of the heaviest and most brutal bands currently on the Aussie scene, many may wonder how Tassie’s Zeolite honed their sound. An interesting blend of death, tech and groove metal, Zeolite have been making waves with the unabashed social and political commentary weaved into their music.

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Listen To Hysteria Radio Here.

Ahead of their national tour beginning today, guitarist Patrick Haas stepped up to Hysteria Radio to share a little of the group’s influences and their most beloved sounds presented by their peers, licks of which you may detect in their live shows.

EMPEROR // I Am The Black Wizards

At the top of Zeolite’s playlist, Emperor have some solid real estate. “This one makes my list because Grant [guitarist Grant McGuiness] chose it,” says Haas. McGuiness got his way without having to fight tooth and nail. “We’re all pretty amicable,” says Haas, “We’re not gonna fight over a song for a radio station, it’s not worth it,” he jokes.

“He’s into a lot darker and cult stuff than I am–he suggested this about five times and was pretty staunch that this song be included, so here it is!”


Not as dark but a little more intellectual, Animals As Leaders make Haas’ cut. “CAFO is from Animals As Leaders debut self titled album .

“It was the first track on the album that blew me to pieces–I worshipped that album for a very long time, it’s incredible. Production is a bit iffy but it is awesome.”


Haas smashed through his radio takeover, introducing a song from a lesser known group. “This is definitely my track, I adore this band. They’re not a huge band but they’re not small by any means.

“It’s a one-man band, one of those dudes you love to hate–an insane drummer, a pretty good guitarist and an insane producer, who turns out these heavy, dark, fully deathcore songs.”

If you wanted to get your head around the work of this brainy Swedish export, there’s not a very extensive back catalogue available, Haas says.

ABORTED // Termination Redux

Smashing through his selection, Haas wishes he had prepared even more tracks for Hysteria. The next track is a song Haas says the whole of Zeolite adore. “It’s complete savagery,” he says, “If you’re into groovy death metal this should be top of the list for you.

“They’re one of those bands that relentlessly release material, their back catalogue is extensive.”


“Meshuggah were a massive influence on us,” says Haas. “If you’re into modern metal and don’t feel like you’ve been influenced by Messhuggah, just go and listen to the album obZen and tell me modern production doesn’t stand out from that album at all.”

“They’re first album [1991’s Contradictions Collapse] was weird, almost like a Metallica cover band–after that they released Destroy Erase Improve [1995], which blew everyone to pieces and they established their signature sound.”

MASTODON // Curl Of The Burl

From the Grammy award-winning Mastodon, McGuiness has slipped another sneaky selection in. “I’m also a big fan,” says Haas, “I’m more a fan of their early work but this album [The Hunter] has cool rock, groovy vibes and Curl Of The Burl is a stand out track for me.”

BEHEMOTH // The Satanist

“My pick,” says Haas, “But I’m sure Grant would back it up one hundred per cent!

“They’re just one of those iconic bands, this album is perfect, it’s so good.”

Another band with an intimidating back catalogue, “You’d spend weeks down the rabbit hole,” says Haas. “They have new material in the works [too].”

BELPHEGOR // Conjuring The Dead

Reaching the end of his takeover, it’s truly been a Zeolite effort as Haas inserts yet another favourite of McGuiness. “I’m gonna back it 100%”, he says.

“They just released a new album late last year [Totenritual], it’s very intense but a great listen. They’re kind of a heavier Behemoth – good band.

Catch Zeolite on The Black Catalyst Tour

Tickets available here.

Friday February 9, Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle NSW
Saturday February 10, Red Rattler, Sydney NSW (All Ages)
Sunday February 11, Frankies Pizza, Sydney NSW
Thursday February 15, Tapas Bar, Devonport TAS
Friday February 16, The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TAS
Saturday February 17, Club 54, Launceston TAS
Sunday February 18, The Brisbane Hotel, Hobart TAS (All Ages)
Saturday February 24, Crowbar, Brisbane QLD
Saturday March 3, The Last Chance Rock and Roll Bar, Melbourne VIC
Friday March 9, Musicman Megastore, Bendigo VIC

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