HARD NOISE: SILVERSTEIN // Australian Tour With Comeback Kid

Canada gets a pretty bad rap when it comes to their resident musicians—Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Nickelback… But fear not because there’s two Canadian bands that got it very right and they’re coming back for an Aussie tour in May 2018! Yes… Silverstein and Comeback Kid!

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If you’ve had any relation to the rock n roll genre over the last near-decade, Silverstein and Comeback Kid are two names you would have at least heard in passing. With over 15 studio albums between the two bands, they’ve made lasting impressions in the world of rock n roll.

So it’s no surprise that the announcement of a Silverstein Australian Tour with Comeback Kid as special guests was received with nothing but pure excitement.

Mike Hohnen of Hysteria Radio got the lowdown from Silverstein’s vocalist Shane Told on their latest album Dead Reflections and the internal journey that Shane took during it’s inception and creation.

“It came from a place of a lot of uncertainty in my life. A lot of darkness, and a lot of unhappiness. And really, when we started writing the record I was all over the place personally. [But] once we had some riffs and it was my job to put vocals over them, add my fifth of the puzzle, it helped me do some soul searching.”

I had to walk through hell to get to heaven, you know? You have to go through darkness to find your bliss.”
[ Shane Told ]

“As things came together I started realising, hey this is good. Not only is this helping me through my life, but that’s a pretty catchy melody or that scream pattern is pretty fucking banging!”

After putting so much of himself into the record, it’s no surprise that six months down the track the record is still standing strong, and Told says he feels better than ever before.

“It’s a real cure man. It’s a real cure because a lot of people go through life and they think they’re happy. And, things are fine. And, being fine isn’t the same as being happy. And, I was fine. I wasn’t happy. And, then when all of a sudden when things weren’t fine anymore, when things got a lot worse than fine, I realised that before when I was fine I wasn’t happy because I had to walk through hell to get to heaven, you know? You have to go through darkness to find your bliss.”

Listen to Silverstein on Hysteria Radio here.

Once all that heavy stuff was out of the way though, Told was just as excited as the rest of us about touring Australia in May with fellow Canadian-rockers Comeback Kid.

“I mean, Comeback Kid! Not only are they a great band—one of my favourite bands—they’re also some of our best touring friends. And it’s funny we’ve known them for a long time and done so many shows in Canada and festivals, and we have toured with them but it was over 10 years ago now.”

So a decade later, what can we expect from this killer combo?

“I think it’s gonna be total chaos. It’s gonna be something for everybody really. I think whether you’re into fast punk hardcore, or if you like heavier stuff like we do. I think it’s [going to be] a really great tour.”


Tickets available through Destroy All Lines

Monday 14th May – Amplifier Bar, Perth (18+)
Tuesday 15th May – Fowlers Live, Adelaide (A/A)
Wednesday 16th May – 170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)
Friday 18th May – Manning Bar, Sydney (18+)
Saturday 19th May – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle (18+)
Sunday 20th May – The Triffid, Brisbane (A/A)

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