A Night In TexasGlobal Slaughter

11 December, 2017
Heavy AF!

Deathcore is an often-criticised genre. Some bands will distance themselves from the label because of this, avoiding the associated generics. Others though, are more than happy to take it in their stride.


The latest release from Queenslanders, A Night In Texas, does just this. Global Slaughter is a 10-track record full of screeching vocals, blast beats and breakdowns. This is best showcased on tracks such as Population Extermination and The Moral Decay.

The album’s heaviest offering is titled Harvested, and features the vocals of Ben Duerr (Shadow Of Intent). His pig squeals lead the song to a brutal climax.

While the album doesn’t necessarily enter any new territory, flavours of more traditional forms of metal are present throughout. Guitar solos provide contrast and melody, to what would otherwise be a very full-on and aggressive listen (not that there would be anything wrong with that). Death metal-like vocals also contrast with the higher-range screams, and are reminiscent of Thy Art Is Murder’s latest efforts.

It is closing track, Death March, that demonstrates the most experimentation, presenting a slower and more progressive sound.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Population Extermination, Scorched Earth, Death March
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel, Aversions Crown

Global Slaughter is out now.

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