GUTTERMOUTH // An Unforgettable Trail Of Destruction

Guttermouth with Blind Man Death Stare + DickLord + Flat Bickie  
15 December, 2017 – Crowbar, Brisbane

For nearly 30 years, veteran Californian punks Guttermouth have caused lots of chaos. Returning to Australia for the first time since 2015, the band’s trail of destruction made its way to Brisbane’s Crowbar, leaving the venue barely intact.

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Opening was two Byron Bay bands, Flat Bickie and DickLord. Flat Bickie proved a destructive warm-up. Mics malfunctioned, guitar strings broke, and their singer couldn’t be contained by the stage’s barricade, delivering a hysterical performance the band’s guitarist suggested was fuelled by red cordial.

Flat Bickie // By Tracie Tee Live Events

Dicklord // By Tracie Tee Live Events

Meanwhile, DickLord proved a cheeky delight. Over bottom-heavy riffs, their brightly-dressed frontwoman growled through songs titled Who Ate Me Fucking Pingers, C*nt and Fucking Deborah. The band closed their set kicking and screaming to a cover of I Did A Shit On Your Mum from the classic comedy series The Mighty Boosh.

Melbourne punks Blind Man Death Stare’s set proved bittersweet; this being bassist iMMi’s second last before leaving the band. Guitarist Joel was only wearing pyjama pants but ended up losing those in the ruckus, finishing the show in his jocks, while Parker showed off his stamina by furiously drumming and screaming throughout this memorable send-off.

Blind Man Death Stare // By Tracie Tee Live Events

Blind Man Death Stare // By Tracie Tee Live Events

The audience stood still during the opening acts, saving their energy for Guttermouth and the anarchy that was about to unfold. It only took one note before the frenzy began, the crowd shoving into each other. Frontman Mark Adkins jumped on top, returning to the stage shirtless.

“Should I slow down?” Adkins mocked. He ignored his own question, leaving the crowd to attempt catching-up. Adkins whipped the crowd into such a frenzy that other body parts began joining the raised fists in the air, with those raised above the mosh being spat onto the stage. This all happened so quickly fans were left standing dazed on the stage, not having the time to realise where they were until after security had escorted them off.

Guttermouth // By Tracie Tee Live Events

Adkins relished in the disorder he created. One fan ended up on stage with blood pouring from his head–later seen bandaged up—while another fell from above the crowd and straight on to the stage. After the latter was reprimanded by Adkins for her NOFX shirt, he gave her a mic to scream along with the next song. It was impossible to hear either Adkins or the excited fan wrapped around him over the band’s noise, but lyrics to She’s Got The Look and Asshole were made clear by the entire room shouting them.

Guttermouth // By Tracie Tee Live Events

A sign displaying the Crowbar’s rules disappeared during Guttermouth’s set. Whatever the rules were, Guttermouth definitely broke all of them. It’s a surprise they’ve lasted so long, but after this set it’s no surprise why fans keep returning to witness the unforgettable and destructive Guttermouth.

Catch Guttermouth at the following remaining dates.

Sat Dec 16, Loudmouth Festival, Melbourne VIC
Sun Dec 17, Frankies Pizza, Sydney NSW (Free Show)
Wed Dec 20, Crown & Anchor, Adelaide SA

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