Follow The CipherFollow The Cipher

Nuclear Blast
11 May, 2018
Blending synths and fiery guitars

The self-titled debut from Sweden’s Follow The Cipher is everything you could want from a transcendent combination of symphonic and power metal, guiding you on a journey of darkness and deception and yet leaving plenty open to the imagination. Melodies with dark overtones, haunting female vocals laced with mysterious narratives, captivating runs from frenzied instruments–need we say more?

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Yes, we should, because this album combines a penchant for theatrics with traditional elements of the genre–twin guitars, clean and melodic vocals–in such a way that it gives rise to a significant atmosphere that the album must be heard to be believed.

Stylistic diversity is strong in tracks like Enter The Cipher, a song that shows off the metal capabilities of vocalist Linda Toni Grahn before merging into a grooving gallop of rock. Valkyrie swoops in to create a whole new dimension of sound, blending synths and fiery guitars, while in A Mind’s Escape we experience the top end of Grahn’s impressive range.

If you like the genre, you won’t be disappointed with what Follow The Cipher have done with it. With more and more of this style of metal emerging, Follow The Cipher are raising the bar.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Valkyrie, Carolus Rex, Starlight
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