the final fall hysteria
the final fall hysteria

The Final FallLive Everyday

29 November, 2023
Life-affirming punk rawk

Bounding into your earholes with a bouncy bassline, Live Everyday by Gold Coast punk/hardcore/whatever we like boys The Final Fall encapsulates the true punk spirit (if we’re calling Greil Marcus the arbiter of what’s punk or not) – not caring a jot what the mainstream thinks and embracing a positive message.

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What’s remarkable about Live Everyday is their total disregard for the ABABA song structure punk rock is known for, placing them closer to our boy Roy Orbison than any punk or hardcore contemporary. A headbanging verse segues into a stadium-sized chorus and even janglier, expansive bridge; imploring us to “Live Everyday”.

Live Everyday is a statement; make sure you listen up and listen close.

ABCD, back to A then B, then that chorus that hits the chest – “You only live once / you don’t get a practice run / make sure you have some fun!” the boys shout. In the clip, they look like they’re having the time of their lives. It translates over the mic and leads – and they employ a lead break that explodes into a decidedly thrashy headbanging ending.

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How they manage to satisfy every flavour of rocker in one track will astound even the most rusted-on genre defender. Live Everyday is a statement; make sure you listen up and listen close. If you get a chance to breathe it all in live? I say don’t think twice and go.

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