Fight The SunFight The Sun

23 January, 2018
An impactful debut

Expect the unexpected. With the crash of a cymbal, the punch of a bass drum, and the downward strum of a raucously heavy riff, newcomers Fight The Sun begin their self-titled debut EP on a mission to which they stay the course–to perform with punch, power and a heavy, heavy sound.

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Fight The Sun harness a rare ability amongst bands of this ilk to form a lasting hold in sound for the duration of their release. They leave you anticipating the next stage in their music. Opener Animals can only be described as a screeching truth of the human condition, tales of souls that need to be saved joined by lilting melodic bridges and unforgiving bass lines. Goodbye Gravity cuts an impression with its brutal audio arrangement and ruthless lyrics, leaving you anticipating the next step in the band’s sound. The Other Side chops up the release with a gritty, gnawing vibe of rebellion and self-questioning confusion, endorphins sure to swarm on hearing the punk overtones of frontman Adrian Kluke’s unyielding vocals and the bracing rumble of drummer Mars’ unforgiving hits.

An impactful debut from a band with an undeniably strong creative vision, and the insertion of a release this compelling leaves two things to be wondered–firstly, how have we not had more of Fight The Sun before this? Secondly, when can we expect more?!

STAND OUT TRACKS: Animals, Goodbye Gravity, The Other Side
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age

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