DREAM WIFE // Share Video For ‘F.U.U’

London-based band Dream Wife have recently shared their latest video for their album finisher, ‘F.U.U’, which sees them reunite with visual collaborator Aidan Zamari, as well as featuring guest Icelandic rapper Fever Dream.

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The song F.U.U is off of their debut album, Dream Wife, and is very well loved at live shows. The video harnesses the energy and ferocity that the song represents, and shows the powerful nature of the band itself.

Dream Wife have stated that this video depicts rock n’ roll as an Extreme sport, and this is referenced in the video. Their music video depicts the band helping to hype up a wrestling match, where fighters from EVE Wrestling, a badass, all-girls wrestling team, fight each other in the ring.

The song is an anthem of empowerment, and as the band has stated, a partly tongue in cheek, partly serious exploration of gleeful aggression. It is an amazing piece from their debut album, and was loved while they toured Australia with laneway festival.

Order Dream Wife’s Self Titled album here.

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