DeicideOvertures of Blasphemy

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14th September, 2018
Scorching death metal

With a career hitting the thirty-year mark, Florida death metal veterans Deicide may be now twelve albums deep, but their latest offering is a fiery onslaught. Overtures of Blasphemy arrives in the wake of In the Minds of Evil (2013) and Deicide has again dialled up the passion.

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While lyrically Overtures of Blasphemy continues their anti-religious abrasiveness, Deicide have indeed sought to shake things up musically. True, tracks like opener At One With Satan and Crucified Soul of Salvation are pretty classic Deicide unrelenting heaviness.

With this lineup, Deicide are undoubtedly looking towards stylistic growth and the foundations for this laid on Overtures of Blasphemy are loaded with potential.

However, Overtures of Blasphemy heralds the arrival of guitarist Mark English to replace Jack Owen but furthermore to step into the massive shoes of the late Ralph Santolla. Between them, the new guitar pairing of English with Kevin Quirion has unleashed killer leads all over Overtures of Blasphemy. A notable example lies in the intricate, blistering soloing on Seal The Tomb Below. Moody tremolo drips from the opening to Crawled From The Shadows and moves into a powerful riff sequence punctuated with ripping solos in the second half of the song. This track showcases laudable vocal dynamics from Glen Benton, in a similarly catchy hinting-at-melodeath-style hook, in one of the tracks that signals the greatest stylistic shift for Deicide. With this line-up, Deicide are undoubtedly looking towards stylistic growth and the foundations for this laid on Overtures of Blasphemy are loaded with potential.

That said, Overtures of Blasphemy in general delivers classic Deicide ferocity. For all talk of development, Deicide have done what Deicide do best: short and vicious blasts of scorching death metal.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Crawled From The Shadows, Seal The Tomb Below, One With Satan.
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