deadweight 80 hysteria
deadweight 80 hysteria

Deadweight 80Slip (into the Dark)

19th October, 2023
Certified Banger!

Every Time I Die may be no more, but fans of their style of chaotic dissonance have a local champion in the shape of Melbourne earthmovers Deadweight 80.

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Wearing more guises than Jaqen H’ghar, Slip (into the Dark) is the perfect track for every moshpit warrior with a goldfish attention span.

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Deadweight 80 – D:80 for short – throw more riffs into this three and a half minute barnburner than some bands churn through on entire albums. Tired of banging your head to this riff? Here’s another one that’s just as crushing. Not sure about that one? Don’t worry, the Wren brothers have got something else to punish you with. 

This is a monster, an entire moshfest in a single track, and Deadweight 80 have more with this came from.

Slip (into the Dark) is a literal warehouse of riffs you wish you’d written yourself, a feast of dark and heavy ferocity that chugs, hammers and grooves with menace, cold abrasive vocals that begin almost indistinctly before kicking in with a fury. Then, just when you think it’s over in a wash of grim arpeggiated guitar, a breakdown kicks in that will rattle the bowel. This is a monster, an entire moshfest in a single track, and D:80 have more with this came from.

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