CROCODYLUS // Drop New Music Video

Aussie garage rockers, Crocodylus have just dropped their latest music video, My Love which coincides with their east-coast tour, commencing later this week.

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My Love is sure to get your blood pumping and body moving as the video takes a limber lesson in beach aerobics. The reverb-soaked surf jam serves as the first single from Crocodylus’ debut album and has already had significant airplay on triple J Unearthed.

Speaking out about the inspiration behind the video’s concept and overall on-road antics, Crocodylus’ bassist, Josh says:

“My nickname is Jooz, and somehow during the Ruminaters tour we came up with “Joozercise”’, he says. He explained that due to long hours on a tour bus, exercise helps to pass time. “It’s good to break up long tour drives with some joozercise to lift the spirits”, he says.

Josh continues:

“I don’t even know what jazzercise looks like, but the name works. We’re hoping it catches on so people start doing it at shows!”, he says.

The band, who have built a reputation for performing notoriously loud and wild live shows, have landed themselves as sold-out support acts for the likes of Hockey Dad, Skeggs, ORB, The Pinheads, The Bennies, Donny Benet, Hideous Sun Demon, Los Tones and U.S based band, The Lemon Twigs, which has lead them to own and dominate the stage at music festivals such as Sounds of the Suburbs and Sweaty Palms.

The trio will spend the last half of 2018 tearing up and down the east coast of Austalia, taking their ‘killer surf-infused garage rock’ to sold out venues and crowds in more than eleven cities, therefore leaving behind a long trail of sweaty, obsessed surf-rock fans.

Be sure to practise the “joozercise” routine before the live shows commence from Thursday, May 17th at The Landsdowne in Sydney.

Catch Crocodylus at the following dates of the My Love Launch Tour:

Thursday 17 May // The Lansdowne // Sydney with The Jim Mitchells, Imperial Broads and WARTT GUN
Saturday 19 May // The Bearded Lady // Brisbane with Hey Baby!, Guava Lava and Stone Witches
Saturday 26 May // The Tote (Upstairs) // Melbourne with Brad Pot and Pistol Peaches

Tickets available here.

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