she cries wolf hysteria
she cries wolf hysteria

She Cries WolfLiar

22nd February, 2019
Despair & Anguish

Well now we know what all those posts were about don’t we? So many local bands posting a bloodied smear of “Liar” on the wall, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was a giant inside joke.

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A surprise drop of She Cries Wolf’s new record Liar for all those that didn’t get an emergency pre-release link. It’s been worth the wait to see them take a step back and work on what makes them successful. This isn’t a record built for bedrooms; it’s built for a chaotic small room with mic grabs sailing above.

She Cries Wolf dive deep into fear and loathing for a strong and surprising return.

People on each other’s shoulders, you know the drill. She Cries Wolf are in their own lane of hardcore/metalcore that takes cues from the contemporaries but aren’t afraid to mix in legends of the genre like Converge. Genesis Flood isn’t the strongest effort on the record but lower the mix and we wouldn’t bat an eyelid at Jacob Bannon being at the helm. Harris’ yells and the riffs dancing around him bring more than a sliver of Every Time I Die into the mix too. Tell us that Victim Complex doesn’t feel like Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space or Glitches’ punishing breakdowns.

After Death has surprisingly frenzied double kicks that don’t usually find their way into a metalcore outfit. The record flits back and forth between despair and anguish; even The Amity Affliction angel Ahren Stringer’s hopeful pitch can’t bring Magdalene from the brink. As Liar drips with regret, She Cries Wolf dive deep into fear and loathing for a strong and surprising return.

Stream Liar here.

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STANDOUT TRACKS: Magdalene, After Death, Victim Complex

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