Bury TomorrowBlack Flame

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13th July, 2018
Tried and tested, and strong as ever

While nothing will ever ascend to the metalcore heights achieved by the golden era of the 00’s (Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall, All That Remains etc.) it’s clear that British quintet Bury Tomorrow are hell bent on keeping the sound alive with the sound of their 5th LP Black Flame.

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By no means trying to copy-cat earlier masters, but rather wearing their influences on their sleeve, Black Flame offers up 10 cuts that will be a punch of nostalgia for some, and a gateway back to another time for others. The opening 1-2 of No Less Violent & Adrenaline take listeners straight to KE’s The End Of Heartache, with the familiar hammer ons, anthemic choruses & stadium drumming (+ double kicks) drawing the listener in with the tried & tested tricks of the trade.

Bury Tomorrow have landed one of the best throwback records you’ll hear this year.

While Black Flame doesn’t offer up anything intrinsically new, cuts’ More Than Mortal & Stormbringer act as testosterone-filled blasts back to the past, doing away with the moden technical wizardry envied by so many, and instead dropping riff after riff on unsuspecting ears.

Truthfully, some parts of this record may be a bit too close to comfort for some listeners. Vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates has an uncanny similarity to Winston McCall of Parkway Drive, most noticeably in the slam-down anthem Knife of Gold, whilst the title track is rebranded Trivium.

This being said, there is something refreshingly youthful about the sounds of Black Flame, notably more so in the record’s back end. Mixing vintage brutality with a dash of modern larger-than-life production, Bury Tomorrow have landed one of the best throwback records you’ll hear this year. When nostalgia is done this well, we’re not complaining.

STANDOUT TRACKS: More Than Mortal, Knife of Gold, Stormbringer
STICK THIS NEXT TOO: All That Remains, As I Lay Dying, anyone that toured with Killswitch Engage ever

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