April 10, 2018
Sensation of tension

If Devin Townsend and Joy Division came together in musical matrimony, the resulting offspring would be something very much like Bollard’s latest album Trawlers.

A mutant child of shoegaze, rock, indie and jazz, and ye gods, is it glorious!

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It’s an utterly bewildering release, gut-wrenching in a way that’s not altogether unwelcome–like pins and needles, it hurts at first but then you get some sick satisfaction from playing around with the affected areas. That’s what Bollard have done. Manipulating the natural parameters of sound, they dabble with sonic fuzz, dissonant melodies and feature a faraway voice that seemingly calls on you from the distant ether. The gnarly fuzz opening to En Bloc is a particular blessing in sound, this standout track reminiscent of Blur’s Parklife to hear and just as entertaining to analyse.

The album sets you on a journey of deep thought

Trawlers would certainly be interesting on the live stage–it’s high energy but also induces a certain pensiveness. The album sets you on a journey of deep thought, immersing you in its hazy narrative, an uncomfortable sensation of tension running rife, one you find yourself becoming rather dependent on. You want more, you feel more, you’re not sure why you love it, you just do. With all the many intricate details of so many influences contained within one release, perhaps that uncomfortable and uncertain sensation of enjoyment is what happens when all music is brought together and made as one.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Some Familiar Spectre, Windows, Ham
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