Bleeding ThroughLove Will Kill All

Sharptone Records
25 May, 2018
Blackened sound

Love Will Kill All heralds the return of Californian metalcore band Bleeding Through.

After a break following their last release in 2012, Bleeding Through have returned to the studio to produce their eighth album to be released 25th May 2018 through SharpTone Records.

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Bleeding Through have generally wrestled the line between ‘metalcore’ and ‘metal’, and Love Will Kill All similarly straddles this boundary. It is quite apparent on this album, from the sinister keyboard-infused clean vocals on the opening track Darkness, I Feeling I Know, that they embrace stylistic influences not only from hardcore, but also melodic death, symphonic and black metal.

Bleeding Through have been through a rejuvenation and this is positively reflected in Love Will Kill All.

They’ve been honing in on an elusive formula since their debut release in 2001, and if their previous catalogue resembled some diamonds amongst the rocks, with Love Will Kill All, Bleeding Though weave these subgenre elements together with intriguing coherence. This is evident in tracks like Fade Into The Ash that embrace the edginess of the blackened sound without losing the energy of hardcore, while laden with melodic clean vocal and keyboard sections that don’t compromise any heaviness.

Bleeding Through have been through a rejuvenation and this is positively reflected in Love Will Kill All. There is still the attitude of metalcore but it is heavier, darker, more coherent and robust than their pre-hiatus albums. As a promising comeback album that pulls off a tricky balancing act between metalcore and symphonic-blackened-death metal, Bleeding Through have an exciting 2018 ahead of them.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Fade Into The Ash, No Friends, Set Me Free, Life.
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Love Will Kill All is out 25th May 2018 via SharpTone Records.

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