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Beyond CreationAlgorythm

Season of Mist
12th October, 2018
Vibrant ish

Montreal-based technical death metal quartet Beyond Creation have arrived at their third album, Algorythm. Beyond Creation displays the technical finesse of their style with a move further with progressive boundary-extending stylistic elements.

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Algorythm is as much a progressive as technical death metal album. Beyond Creation’s attentiveness to the details of coherent, diverse songwriting is apparent in prog elements woven throughout. Tracks like Surface’s Echoes, which exhibits the robust chops of new bassist Hugo Doyon-Karout, and the jazz-leaning instrumental Bionomial Structures are strong examples. Smooth shifting time signatures and some sweet tapping features in Ethereal Kingdom render this track both complex and pared-back, seething along at mid-pace with vocal lines seamlessly embedded within the instrumentation.

Textured composition, warm jazz-influenced tones, and rich classical orchestration render Algorythm a refreshingly vibrant album.

There remain, however, some closer to down-the-line tech death metal moments on Algorythm, such as In Adversity that contain transcendent dual guitar solos between Simon Girard and Kevin Chartré. Girard’s vocal range is impressive from guttural to blackened and the use of French language amidst mournful soloing and primal percussion sections on tracks such as Entre Suffrage et Mirage is enticing. In general Algorythm offers thought-provoking, poetic lyrics. The significant presence of orchestral instrumental pieces at the beginning, centre and towards the end of the album adds classical gravitas to deepen Algorthym’s conceptual weight and showcase the breadth of Beyond Creation’s compositional ability.

In keeping with prog-tech-death metal prerogatives, Algorythm explores meta-geometric themes around humanity, time, and nature. Beyond Creation have, however, skilfully avoided scientific sterility in their sound through textured composition, warm jazz-influenced tones, and rich classical orchestration render Algorythm a refreshingly vibrant album.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Ethereal Kingdom, Entre Suffrage et Mirage, The Afterlife
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