BABYMETAL // Band Member Out Of Action

It has been reported that Babymetal’s 18-year-old Yui Mizuno (a.k.a. Yuimetal) was no where to be seen at two of their last gigs.

According to Metal Injection, Yuimetal was unable to perform at the two of the Hiroshima gigs booked on 2nd and 3rd of December due to illness.

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The band released the following statement;

“As an entire team, we considered cancelling this performance. However, it was Yuimetal’s strong desire to not cancel this performance for the fans who were waiting and looking forward to these performances. After long discussions and careful consideration, both Su-Metal and Moametal, as well as the entire Babymetal staff team, came to a final conclusion to continue these performances for the dedicated fans who have been waiting for this special event as well as for team Babymetal.”

The shows continued to go on, with “leader” Su-Metal covering the majority of vocals.

Watch footage of the show below:

Speedy recovery, Yuimetal!

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