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If you’re a fan of nostalgic pop punk and haven’t yet heard of Arborview, let us be the first to introduce them.

Last month the Sydneysiders ushered their first musical offering, Through this Storm, into the world. Following the release, Hysteria caught up with lead vocalist Scotty Berger to talk touring, their debut EP and their history.

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Hysteria: Congratulations on the release of your debut EP! How are you feeling now that it’s all out in the open?

Scotty: I feel relieved (laughs). It’s been behind the scenes for quite a while now so it’s good to have it out!

How did the band get started?

We actually all came from different bands in the scene that had ended around the same time. I and our previous guitarist had got together for a little catch-up and a jam, and then we just decided to put something together. We ended up just finding the other guys along the way and it all fell into place really quickly.

What bands were you previously in?

I was in a band called Hey Reckless and the previous guitarist Dylan Brown was in a band called We Take the Night. Alex Powys, who’s the drummer of my band now, used to be in band called Mindless Excess and Eamon O’Byrne, who’s the bass player, was in a band called City Light Satellite.

You’ve only been a band since 2017, but you’ve already managed to sign with LA based label, We Are Triumphant. How’d that come about?

Yeah it’s pretty crazy actually (laughs). I believe it was through a little bit of luck! The owner of the label has a submission line and they did this thing where you could submit your band so we just took a shot in the dark! This was way back, we only had one single out at the time, but we sent it off and the owner, Greg Long came back to us through email and said he really liked our stuff. He asked if we had anything else and we had just finished recording the EP at the time so we sent that to him and that was pretty much it.  He was on board 100 percent from that point and wanted to sign us.

When we wrote the EP we were trying to make something that was reminiscent of what we liked growing up.
[ Scotty Berger ]

Talk us through the process of the EP being made, what was the group dynamic like?

Most of the songs came pretty naturally actually. We pretty much just all got together and had a few ideas that we were jamming on. A lot of it was pretty much someone having a riff idea or I had some lyrics and we just built the EP from that. It came really easily; there was no real trouble at all it just fell into place really quickly.

Did anyone really lead the creative process or was it more of a team effort?

We try to all put our point across for what we want and what we think should happen as a group rather than individually. Most of the time it’ll start off with someone having an idea and then we’ll go from there and everyone will just build on it and bring something to the table themselves.

Have you had any memorable touring experiences so far?

We’ve only had one out of state show which was in Brisbane. We just went down for a show with the guys in Shorelines which was great and a really memorable time. We were hoping to make it a bit longer but it only was a one off show but it was still a really great time. We’re hoping to put together something a little bit longer this year.

What would be your dream tour to jump on?

Anything with All Time Low, they’re my personal favourite band. The guys in Neck Deep would also be great to jump on tour with; they’re killing it at the moment.

It’s funny you say that, listening to the EP I could definitely pick up on some old school All Time Low vibes. Would you say they inspired you?

Definitely (laughs). Being a big fan of them I take a lot of inspiration from that but all the guys in the band have that old school pop punk background. When we wrote the EP we were trying to make something that was reminiscent of what we liked growing up.

What are some of your other major inspirations?

Other than All Time Low, Eamon is also a really big fan of Yellowcard so that came across in the EP too.  If you listen back to some of the tracks you’ll hear some of the inspiration there. Alex really loves Neck Deep so that certainly played a part as well. You can definitely hear the influences from those three core bands, and maybe a little bit of Fall Out Boy too.

Are there any current bands you’re really jamming?

I really like State Champs and we’re all really big fans of The Wonder Years, Neck Deep and The Story So Far. Most of those guys in those kind of bands are what we’re really into at the moment.

Now that the EP is out, what’s next for the band?

Now that it’s out we’re actually still writing, we’ve already nearly written enough material to fill a full album, which is our next goal. We also just finished recording a music video for This Story’s Over and that’ll be out very soon as well. We’re looking into putting together a tour for the end of the year, but we pretty much have a full year booked of shows at this stage.

Purchase Arborview’s debut EP Though This Storm here.

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