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YOU GOT MIKE // A DeLonge Shot: We Want To Believe

Tom Delonge’s guest feature on Joe Rogan’s iconic Experience podcast was introduced with more caution than most episodes. Referring to Big Foot, ghosts, the paranormal…Joe couldn’t come close to preparing listeners for what the former Blink-182 frontman had to say.

UPDATE 30/10 1540: DeLonge issues update on funding, as investment in To The Stars passes $1.8 million (USD).

Delonge was there to talk about To The Stars, his new company concerned with the development of alien technology, and the dissemination of classified alien information provided to him by high-ranking government agencies.

The thing is, after almost two hours of intense questioning by Joe, who hasn’t smoked weed all month and is highly argumentative…his story holds up.

The world became familiar with Delonge’s theories with the 1999 single Aliens Exist. As he explains to Rogan, his obsession with aliens and UFO’s, which he refers to now as “Unidentified Aerial Threats” or “episodic” encounters,  began as a teenager and deepened while reading relevant literature, touring in a van in the early days of Blink-182. For the most part, it was a mildly-unhealthy passion project, but now Delonge claims to be deeply involved with multi-starred Military and Government “brass”, including members of the Department Of Defence, Central Intelligence Agency, and former private sector directors involved in astro-engineering.

How did intergalactic, classified information get into the hands of a man who used to pretend to be Satan on stage and jokingly ask kids to take their pants off? Simple, he knew too much and was seen as a concern to the powers that be.

It all connects to one of his post-Blink projects, a multimedia release Sekret Machines. The story follows the concept of an international agency actively engaging with alien life, and their technology. According to Delonge, that was close enough to reality to warrant two straight days of interrogation, for eight hours a day, from even more shady officials determined to know how he knew.

Delonge tells how a phone call instructing him to “meet us next to the Pentagon” prompted many flights, many meetings, and flights to more meetings. At one point this crescendos to an airport encounter with an unknown man in an empty restaurant, who tells Delonge, “We found a life form during the Cold War.”

Delonge’s theories are rooted in the Cold War. Despite agreeing with Joe that the crippling costs of war and the unstable communist regime led to the collapse of the USSR,  Delonge believes the real reason the war ended was due to Russian and US agencies collaborating on alien research and development.

Is this a PR stunt for an album that has gone too far? Do we read this as a plea for intervention? Or is Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 about to literally prove that Aliens Exist? According to Delonge we’ll know in a few months.

It was now in the story that Delonge admits even he started getting scared.

Why did intergalactic, classified information get into his hands? Disclosure.

Not full-disclosure, something Delonge tells Joe he’s against, but the drip feeding of some information to the masses.  He explains that these high-ranking, highly funded government officials don’t have the resources to create content that can reach a certain demographic. While this might seem ridiculous, Governments using Hollywood to introduce civilians to far-out ideas is a highly held theory, even told to me once by Australia’s own leading Ufologist, Mary Rodwell. And hell, you don’t think militaries all over the world saw tech like Iron Man’s exosuit, and ran straight to their R&D departments demanding their own model? It’s also well known that a Tom Cruise scene is used by police as Tactical Handgun Training.

Delonge has a proven track record of engaging with the Youth via audio, visual and written material. If the government needed a mouthpiece to soften the blow of disclosure, why wouldn’t they pick Tom Delonge. What criteria would make any candidate logical in this situation?

Tom discusses instance in which the government tried disclosure on their own. He believes they deliberately feed the public with two extremes – that something happens, then something didn’t happen. On the morning of the 1947 Roswell Crash, newspapers reported that it happened. The next day, they reported that it didn’t. The moon landing was confirmed by the government, and Tom believes it was the government who began “meme” theories that it was a hoax. The result is simple: Now, the population aren’t looking at how the watch works, or why, they’re too busy trying to read the time.

Throughout the interview, Delonge remains engaging, responsive and charming. He comes off as focused, and determined to stick to his story, despite Joe’s best attempts to uproot it. Even though he references obscure and shady organisations, like the National Reconnaissance Association, comprised of half Air Force, half former military intelligence officers, comparing alien interaction to that of ISIS, and underpinning his ideas with some pretty far-out theories, including that the Roswell Crash wasn’t Alien per se, but a Nazi-German aircraft built in Argentina and based off alien technology… his story still kinda holds up.

The buck stops with To The Stars. Or, more so with their recently announced academy and their campaign to “shift perception” via crowdsourcing highly advanced, time augmentation technology, or as Delonge describes it, building an “ElectroMagnetic Vehicle to Travel instantaneously through Space, Air and Water by engineering the fabric of Space-Time.”

we came as romans

Currently the crowdsourcing is at more than $1.6 million, unfortunately chump change in the world of electronic-magnetic, time augmentation engineering. Which begs the questions: Secretive government organisations may lack creativity, but do they lack funding? Wouldn’t taxes be paying for it already? Why would they need more? Will disclosure be based on one’s purchasing power a la Scientology? Surely even the government isn’t so tone deaf as to make us pay for the first step of disclosure.

Further to that, Delonge leans heavily on To The Stars figureheads, including members of the DOD, CIA and the Former Director of Advanced Programs at Lockheed Martin’s SkunkWorks. These are organisations that employ hundreds of thousands of people at any moment. Probability states a few of them could be clinically insane. Nor should one’s title (or even former title) be an unchallengeable status of credibility.

His claims that the plot of Sekret Machines pricked up the ears of Deep Government to the point where they contacted him also don’t quite pass the sniff test. An international agency tasked with dealing with aliens…Does that mean Ed Solomon, screenwriter for Men In Black is also involved?

All that said, to know for sure we’ll have to wait. Is this a PR stunt for an album that has gone too far? Do we read this as a plea for intervention? Or is Tom DeLonge from Blink-182 about to literally prove that Aliens Exist? According to Delonge we’ll know in a few months. It’s still too early to tell, but here’s hoping.

A lot like Joe, we want to believe. And if you don’t…Who hurt you?

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