the weight of silence hysteria
the weight of silence hysteria

The Weight Of SilenceAin’t Loyal

8 March, 2019

The Weight of Silence’s new single Ain’t Loyal shows the band are at their best when exploring new directions, as they stray further off the beaten path.

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Ain’t Loyal is the first single to be released off The Weight of Silence’s new full-length album and is described by the band as being representative of the album’s new direction. This is an exciting revelation as the song does have moments of brilliance that would make anyone want to dive into The Weight of Silence’s back catalogue.

Musically Ain’t Loyal can’t go wrong, the song has a firm backing with new members Lil Gerbz and J.Macca both representing what they add to The Weight of Silence formula.

Benny Ehmke’s guitar playing really shines through on the track with his solo and more outlandish riffs coming in contrast to the more grounded and controlled cover of Big Boi’s ShutterbuggThe track shows a significant shift towards more rapped vocals, something also present on previous effort Green is the New Black, with a clearer delivery making the lyrics a more integral part of the song.

The lyrics however don’t reach the same heights and go through phases where they’re void of a direction apart from a few repeated motifs, however, they will be sure to fire up a mosh pit. Another grievance is in its more metal approach, as Green Is The New Black showed how the band could incorporate drum machines and other hip hop elements and it would have been interesting to see more of this.

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