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Headbanging glory

Redefine is the debut album from Melbourne-based metal band To An End.

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This heavy rocking four-piece have a penchant for the classic sounds of metal. With Redefine, To An End has sought to bring together a number of their musical influences to create an album that is memorable, easy to rock along with, and still uniquely theirs.

To An End have showcased their ability to move from mellow, heartfelt ballads, through cathartic raging tracks, to sheer headbanging glory. Opening Redefine is a beautiful fusion of pretty acoustic and thick electric guitar in a shorter Intro piece. Bookending it on the closing end is Collide, a deep, powerful ballad in which Al Gammie gives a heartfelt, solid vocal performance.

To An End drop some seriously heavy, in the style of bands like Hatebreed or Killswitch Engage …

In between there is quite a range. To An End drop some seriously heavy, in the style of bands like Hatebreed or Killswitch Engage, such as Out Of My Hands, a raw and angry track that stands out as a benchmark for the thundering speed and intensity To An End can level. A more melodic heavy rocking vibe comes through on From Grace To Demise, with memorable lyrics and undeniable groove. To An End really find their own mix in tracks like Wasteland, with big lyrically driven choruses and energetic heavy breakdowns interspersed through mid-pace riffs. To An End have collaborated with a few familiar names as well to bring some different elements again to tracks such as We Are Infinite, which features vocal work by Chris Clancy [Mutiny Within and Wearing Scars], granting this slightly moody song an epic dimension. Chris Amott [ex-Arch Enemy] lays a down a screaming solo in Hear No Evil.

There are so many directions in Redefine and it will be interesting to see where To An End take their musical vision. Certainly they have embraced the best of a number of different stylistic strains of metal and managed to find their own blend. Redefine is an engaging album and above all, really fun to listen to.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Wasteland, We Are Infinite, Out Of My Hands
STICK THIS NEXT TO: Killswitch Engage, Stone Sour, Disturbed.

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