16 February, 2018
Experience beyond their years

Their debut EP 13 showed promise, but it’s in their latest Butterfly that Thornhill show the world what a few years in the industry have taught them.

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Karnivool comparisons are inevitable but the young upstarts are showing experience beyond their years. Their first show was only two years ago, and the kids just came out of high school then. Hell, most people their age are getting into relationships with cheap pints rather than a serious music career with a banging chorus like Sunflower. How the median age is only 20 and it’s resulted in an effort like this is bewildering. The high vocals that Jacob Charlton reaches during Parasite are phenomenal. Fans of Brisbane’s Deadlights will be familiar with the recent trend towards young groups breaking the vocal ceiling, but Thornhill may just have them beat. Similarly Lavender strays into Void of Vision territory; meaty bass isn’t something we’re bound to complain about here though. This EP is such a strong showing we’re not surprised that UNFD have snapped them up. They feel djenty, they feel prog-rock, they feel metalcore all without it sounding like an indecisive mess. Thornhill are out of their cocoon and goddamn is it a beautiful sight to behold.

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STANDOUT TRACKS: ParasiteReptileMy Design

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