State Champs Living Proof

State ChampsLiving Proof

Pure Noise Records / Sony
15 June, 2018
Lightning striking

Now the weather’s turned, we’re desperately in need for something to remind us that sun actually exists in some parts of the world. Enter State Champs, who have dived right back into album mode with their latest Living Proof.

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Their last, Around the World and Back, skyrocketed them to the top of the mainstream-affable pop punk pile. But if a second album is a curse, then a bloody great second like Around the World  is even more of a struggle. Both hardcore fans and casuals alike, don’t despair with State Champs’ third offering. There are definite contenders for suburban bedrooms and radio plays a plenty. With Lightning striking straight in the middle, it’s arguably earned the title of “best love song dedication” on a record filled with them.

Living Proof is a Winter warmer that’ll tie you over until Summer comes calling again.

Get a little bit funky with the bouncy guitar riff that announces Frozen. Standout single Dead and Gone–co-written by Blink-182’s bassist Mark Hoppus—shows what an experienced hand can do for a track. Yeah a few “whoa ohs” may seem more the territory of contemporaries Five Seconds Of Summer, but when they’re stuck in the brain after a few seconds then something must be right. The call and response this track brings will shake venues, as will the anthemic Something About You that arrives closer to Living Proof’s end.

Be sure to get the phone lights primed too because Our Time To Go A slight Real Friends feeling comes through in album closer Sidelines. The jangly bass keeps the pace driving right until the final strains, which also pop and break in the aforementioned Something About You. Yes it’s safe and the 13 songs do show signs of filler throughout. But Living Proof is a Winter warmer that’ll tie you over until Summer comes calling again.

STANDOUT TRACKS: Dead and Gone, Lightning, Time Machine
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