SOUNDWAVE FESTIVAL // L7 Drops out of Soundwave

American rock band L7 has announced they will not be appearing at Soundwave Festival 2016 “due to circumstances beyond [the band’s] control.”

The cancellation comes after a tumultuous 48 hours for the festival, with Soundwave boss AJ Maddah claiming ticketing company Ticketek and Eventopia are refusing to release capital from ticket sales to fund the festival.

It’s believed that American punks NOFX have pulled out of the event. Big name bands such as Refused, Soulfly, Public Enemy and The Prodigy do not list the festival on their website and Songkick pages.

Bring Me The Horizon and Frenzal Rhomb also cast the event into doubt, saying they were experiencing problems with the promoter over social media.

L7 were one of the pioneering all-female riot grrl and grunge bands, forming in 1985. They released six albums before disbanding in 2001. They reformed last year. They also formed the women’s rights movement Rock for Choice in 1991.


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